Event Starts: 8th Dec 2009
Event Ends: 10th Dec 2009

Optimising Corporate Governance and Reporting

Source: Ethical Beacon
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Good governance is an essential ingredient in corporate success and sustainable economic growth and raising standards in Asia will be a key determinant in the speed and success of the region's recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.

Ethical Beacon's Optimising Corporate Governance & Reporting Summit could not come at a better time for Governance, Risk, Audit and Legal executives in Asia - this case study-packed conference will focus on what you have to do to now to ensure your framework of internal controls is ready for:

Intense investor scrutiny on more active & competitive stock markets coming out of the GFC
An IPO in China, Asia or Internationally
And that you are:

Reporting in compliance with IFRS
Effectively marketing your CSR
Correctly measuring your non-financial performance and
Reporting it in an investor-friendly format
Optimising Corporate Governance & Reporting is the must-attend, market-driven conference for GRC professionals in 2009, featuring more case studies from more best practice organisations than any other event in the region.

The programme has been designed to provide practical guidance on what companies operating in Asia must do in order to bring their corporate governance framework in line with the latest regulatory requirements and changing investor demands. Focusing, in particular, on going beyond regulatory obligations to achieve competitive advantage and wealth in a challenging economy, the programme will cover the following themes:

Identifying what Investors Want & Using this Knowledge to Drive up Company Value
Building Investor Confidence through Improved Accountability & Transparency
Strengthening Internal Controls & Embedding a Risk Management Framework from the Board Down
Detecting & Preventing Fraud
Building Corporate Ethics, Values and CSR
Measuring and Reporting Non-Financial Performance
IFRS Compliance
Who will you meet?

Join the conference to hear and network with Top senior executives including MDs, VPs, Directors, Heads of Department, Senior Management of the following company divisions:

Corporate Governance
Internal Audit
Corporate Affairs
Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Benefits of attending:

Ensuring with your corporate success and sustainable economic growth
Creating transparency in corporate strategies, operations & objectives
Ensuring that the board of directors is accountable for the pursuit of corporate objectives
Making sure your corporation is compliance with the law and regulations
Helping your external stakeholders to assess the administration, financial performance and social responsibility of your company, and thus encourage more investment.

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