Event Starts: 1st Dec 2009
Event Ends: 3rd Dec 2009

Compliance China: governance, risk and compliance strategies for competitive advantage

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1-3 December 2009, Beijing, China

Under heightened scrutiny from Regulators worldwide, a sound compliance structure is now, more than ever before, an essential tool for survival in today’s challenging business environment

Following the success of ETHiCAL Beacon’s compliance events in Hong Kong and Singapore, I am delighted to announce that we will be bringing our first-class Corporate Compliance programme to Beijing between 1-3 December 2009 to provide you with practical guidance from an unparalleled faculty of in-house speakers on assessing, mitigating and responding to regulatory legal risks in China.

This exciting programme has been designed for both local and foreign companies operating in China to enable you to investigate ways to build a best practice compliance programme and best-practice for monitoring compliance.

You will discover:

Your exposure (and double-exposure) to legal risks under International & Provincial laws
Effective documentation management to be able to prove compliance at any time
What internal control procedures to have in place
How to audit your compliance programme effectively
How to ensure corporate-wide buy-in and compliance with corporate policy
How to conduct effective Due Diligence
How to work with the Regulators: Disclosing and responding to Enforcement Agencies

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