Event Starts: 30th Jul 2009
Event Ends: 30th Jul 2009

How to establish an effective EHS Committee and the full participation of EHS culture

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14:00-17:00 July 30, 2009
Guangzhou, China 

• Do you know how to set up the reporting system for near miss accident?
• Do you know how to conduct effective EHS training and communication?
• Do you know how to come up with suggestion on EHS measurements and strategy improvement and get support from high-level management?
• Do you know how to establish an EHS committee and maintain effective operation?
• Do you know how to set up aim for EHS management?
• Do you know how to create full participation of EHS culture?
• Do you want to share the EHS case study and experience with us?

Environment, health and safety (EHS) plays an increasingly important role in business operations while the management staff of EHS are also becoming more and more important to the enterprises. The EHS manager is required to acquire comprehensive knowledge and responsible for factory safety as well as promotion for health and safety. In the real practice, through there are quite a lot factories establish EHS committee, most of them are lack of practical management skills and not all staff involving in EHS culture, therefore, the EHS improvement is still limited and the effect can be hardly sustainable. In view of this, the establishment of effective EHS committee and full-participation of EHS culture is an important task and challenge to the EHS manager as well.

On July 30, the China Training Institute of BSR is going to hold a salon of How to Establish a EHS Committee and Full-Participation of EHS Culture. BSR will invite staff from EHS brand and factory to discuss how to effectively deal with the mention issues and the EHS manager will also be invited to share their successful experience with participants.

We invite you to join the salon with us and to discuss how to set up EHS committee and full-participation of EHS culture!

The EHS manager Mr. CHENG Yuan will be in charge of and be the emcee of this salon to share his year’s successful EHS management experience and discuss how to establish EHS management goals, promoting the full-participation, as well as to promote internal communication on EHS training and energy saving issues. Participants would share experience with other factories and have face-to-face opportunity to talk with Mr. CHENG during the salon.
Course content
• Latest case study on EHS bring by poor management
• EHS committee and EHS culture
• Effective EHS training and Communication
• Case study on energy saving of factory
• Latest EHS rules & regulations
• Establish and maintain EHS network
Target Audience
• HR manager of Brand/Supplier
• Factory Managers
• EHS Managers
Mr. Yuan Cheng
As the EHS & Energy Manager in BSR’s Guangzhou office, Yuan helps BSR clients to improve EHS management, supply EHS resolution and risk assessment for companies in different industries. He also keeps observing the EHS technology development trend and aids the training team in developing new course material. He serves as an open course trainer in areas of knowledge expertise, educating students on new ways to understand and deal with complex EHS problems etc.

Prior to joining BSR in 2009, Yuan worked as HSE Technology Manager in the biggest Wind Turbine Generator producer - VESTAS. He also worked as a Unit HSE engineer and then Process Safety engineer totally over 8 years in BP ZhuHai Chemical Company. He has also qualified as an ISO Internal Auditor/Registered Auditor.
Course Language
RMB 300/participant
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