Event Starts: 3rd Nov 2009
Event Ends: 4th Nov 2009

Green Building China 2009

Source: Business Innovation Partners
Links: http://www.bipartners.com/build/index.html

Green Building China 2009

3rd to 4th November, 2009
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, BEIJING SUN PALACE

DAY ONE: 3rd, November

Section One: Industry Related Policies and Rating System

08:00 Registration & Morning Tea
08:45 Opening Ceremony & Welcome Address from Chairman

Compliance and General Landscape

09:00 Official Keynote
Five Innovation Systems & “Double Leap”: Promoting green buildings to achieve Energy-saving and emission-reducing targets

09:30 Official Keynote
Establishing and completing the supervision system for energy-saving of large public facilities

10:00 International Institution Keynote
Building sustainably in a financial crisis—special implications and suggestions for China

10:30 Net Working & Coffee Break

11:00 Professional Keynote
Brief introduction of international green building rating systerm: BREEAM£¨ LEED£¨ GBC200 and Green Star

11:30 Sponsor Keynote
Awareness of social responsibilities for enterprises: How to build up the environment-friendly awareness and consensus and carry the social responsibilities.

12:00 Luncheon

Section Two: Financing & Marketing of Green Building Projects

13:30 Joint-presentation
Designer’s perspective: Achieving greater efficiency through creative thinking and best practices

14:30 Keynote Speech
Green building projects branding and positioning practices in China

15:00 Keynote Speech
Feasibility exploration of green building projects financing under global financial crisis

15:30 Net Working & Coffee Break

16:00 Case Studay
Linked Hybrid: LEED-ND certified neighborhood in the city center of Beijing

16:30 Panel Discussion: Paradox of Compliance and Costs—how to achieve a balance between being green and developers’ costs
Panelists: Open for developers£¨green building materials supplier & designer and financing supplier to register

17:30 Closing remarks from the Chairman

17:45 End of Day One

18:00 Cocktail party

Day Two November 4th, 2009

08:00 Registration & Morning Tea

08:45 Opening Remarks from the Chairman

Section Three: Evolving Green-Tech Making Sustainability Possible

09:00 Official Keynote
Green, energy-efficient and intelligent buildings—comfort, health and sustainability

09:30 Keynote Speech
Amalgamation of green building technology into CBD construction project

10:00 Case Study
A Green World Expo and the Future of Shanghai

10:30 Net Working & Coffee Break

Green-Tech Showcase

11:00 Innovative Approaches for Addressing China's Industrial and Commercial Energy Challenges

11:30 Green wall body: the jumping-off point of green building

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Making your buildings breathing: advanced air clarifying system

14:00 Passive solar energy buildings application in China

14:30 Energy-saving lighting of Green building

15:00 Net Working & Coffee Break

15:30 Ensuring the continuation of the trend towards sustainable development

Section Four: Future Outlooks

16:00 Joint-presentation: Green building in the reconstruction of Sichuan earthquake disaster area

17:00 Closing remarks from the Chairman
17:15 End of the conference

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