Event Starts: 16th Jun 2009
Event Ends: 17th Jun 2009

2nd China Summit on Anti-Corruption

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In 2009, Anti-Corruption and FCPA Enforcement Will Affect More Companies in Asia Than Ever Before. Can Your Internal Anti-Corruption Compliance Program Withstand the Impact of a Government Investigation?

Corruption is a serious problem in China’s economy. China’s leaders have recognized this problem and adopted increasingly aggressive policies to deal with it. Fighting corruption emerged as a top priority at the Chinese Communist Party’s 17th National Congress in January 2009, and according to Chinese authorities, 4,960 officials were punished between November 2007 and November 2008 for involvement in corruption, bribery or other law-breaking activity. Of those, 801 were prosecuted. China has also begun vigorously enforcing commercial bribery laws in its private sector. Foreign companies operating in China are thus faced with a rapidly evolving domestic anti-corruption compliance environment.

At the same time, U.S. companies, and companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges, must comply with the FCPA when doing business in China. FCPA compliance is especially challenging in China, where government regulation of the economy remains rigorous and state-owned enterprises continue to dominate many sectors. These difficulties are reflected in recent FCPA prosecutions. Several published cases in recent years – Siemens, Faro Technologies, AGA Medical, Lucent, Schnitzer Steel, ITT, York International, Diagnostic Products (for example) – have focused on activities in China, and many pending investigations reportedly also involve compliance issues in China.

If your company is doing business in the People’s Republic of China, you must have a comprehensive anti-corruption compliance program and be prepared to act promptly and effectively to remedy any problems that do arise.

After the tremendous success of its inaugural conference in July 2008, the American Conference Institute and C5 Group are proud to announce the 2nd China Summit on Anti-Corruption. Once again, the Summit brings together an exceptional faculty of seasoned corporate ethics and compliance executives, senior attorneys, forensic accountants and government officials. They will provide a comprehensive update on the anti-bribery landscape in China, the intersection of the FCPA and local Chinese anti-bribery laws and how to implement robust anti-corruption policies to comply with Chinese laws and the FCPA, including:

Who is a “government official” in China?
What kind of gifting or payment is acceptable and in what instances?
Overcoming cultural and legal challenges in rolling out an anti-corruption compliance programme
Due diligence: best practices for a prospective third party relationship in China
Creating a Code of Conduct that matters in China
Conducting internal investigations in China
Participants will also receive a comprehensive set of written materials prepared by the speakers for the conference. These are invaluable reference materials which you will use again and again long after the conference is over.

Seats at this unique event are sure to go quickly. Don’t delay, register today by calling +44 20 7878 6888, if in the US 1-888-224-2480, or registering online at www.C5-Online.com/AntiCorruptionChina.

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