Event Starts: 7th May 2009
Event Ends: 8th May 2009

Green Product and Business Forum - sustainability from a life cycle perspective

Links: http://www.ecovane.cn/show.asp?id=178

What are green products? How to evaluate green products and sustainability? What are relationships among green products, market and business sustainability? To answer these questions, it is necessary to introduce LCM (Life Cycle Management) conception. LCM aims to apply LCT (Life Cycle Thinking) and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) into the process of production and consumption in order to provide scientific methods and management tool support for sustainable development and especially SCP (Sustainable Consumption and Production).


Listen to the most recent trends and fascinating ideas on sustainable
business development, concepts, methodologies and applications
Exchange opinions and voices regarding green product and business
with a group of diversified experts from environment, finance, policy, risk
management, sustainability and etc.
Evaluate your sustainability strategy toward 21st century management

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