Event Starts: 19th May 2009
Event Ends: 21st May 2009

Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance China Summit

Source: Beacon Events (www.beaconevents.com)
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Beacon is proud to be bringing our highly acclaimed Anti-Corruption Compliance Series of Conferences to Beijing between 19-21 May 2009.
This regional conference will focus, in detail, on compliance with international anti-bribery laws (in particular the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), regional anti-bribery laws and their enforcement in their corresponding jurisdictions.
This conference is essential if your organisation:
·        Distributes for or partners with foreign companies
·        Deals with Government Officials or contracts with State Owned Enterprises or
·        Is a MNC operating in China 
You will learn how your global compliance policies can be made relevant for China. You will hear a full update on what the law says about dealing with Government Officials, how to identify a Public Official or a Government owned entity, what is allowed in terms of gifts, entertainment and travel, what the recent cases have said and how you can build these lessons into your compliance policy.
You will also hear real life case studies on the following aspects of building a robust compliance programme for your China operations:
·        How to conduct effective due diligence on third parties, in joint ventures and M&A transactions 
·        How, what and when to disclose to the US and Chinese Regulators
·        How to investigate a violation, take remediation steps and work with compliance monitors
To view the full programme and confirmed speaker list, please visit www.AntiCorruptionChina.com

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